Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

GNRI focusses on the natural resources sector globally. GNRI believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) considerations represent an important business issue for all companies (each a “Portfolio Company”), impacting their commercial performance, valuation, long-term sustainability and enhancing their accountability to shareholders. We also believe that profitable investments can be made whilst contributing to environmental protection and improvement, and social development.

The GNRI team will always strive to:

  1. Adhere to the highest standards of ethics and at all times conduct our business dealings with integrity, fairness and respect;
  2. Use board positions we hold to promote appropriate governance requirements, including the establishment and monitoring of ESG standards;
  3. Implement this policy by ensuring that ESG issues are an integral part of our analysis, approvals process, portfolio monitoring and ongoing business decisions. We will furthermore incorporate our ESG requirements into our documentation;
  4. Actively engage with the Portfolio Companies to ensure that they are compliant with all applicable environmental and social legislation in countries in which they operate and work with them to achieve appropriate global standards;
  5. Ensure that the Portfolio Companies disclose appropriate information on ESG issues to ourselves and into the public domain where applicable;
  6. Engage in dialogue with other operators in our industry on ESG issues through appropriate fora;
  7. Continually evolve our policy on ESG and our management approach to ESG issues through an annual or periodic review;
  8. Engage appropriate ESG professional(s) to implement these policy commitments, ensure all our employees are fully informed of their responsibilities on ESG issues and provide training as appropriate.

Office Contacts


Global Natural Resource Investments
4th Floor, 14 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London  W1J 5HN, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 3705 6375
Email: investments@nullgnri.com

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